Dr. Jasvant Modi

About Modi

Dr. Jasvant Modi's Inspiring Journey of Medical Excellence and Jain Values

Dr. Jasvant Modi is an esteemed gastroenterologist and philanthropist hailing from Godhra, India. Born in 1951, he completed his medical education at B.J. Medical College and furthered his training with a residency in gastroenterology in Chicago, Illinois. In 1975, Dr. Modi immigrated to the United States, where he has made significant contributions to the medical field.
His expertise and compassion have earned him a distinguished reputation among his peers and patients alike. Driven by his deep-rooted Jain values, Dr. Modi, along with his wife Dr. Meera Modi, actively promotes Jain principles through philanthropic initiatives focused on healthcare and education.
They have acquired and currently manage four small hospitals, providing compassionate care and support to the communities they serve. 

Through his unwavering commitment to medicine and humanitarian endeavors, Dr. Jasvant Modi embodies the fusion of medical excellence and Jain ethics, striving to make a positive impact on society.